Local Regulations and Legal Resources For Your Cannabis Business

The Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) is responsible for administering the Rules and Regulations adopted by the Council for licensed commercial cannabis businesses within the City of Los Angeles.
City of Los Angeles specific document or regulation type applicable License
LA Fire Department Pre-Inspection Checklist Document All licensee types
Statement of Intended Use Document All licensee types
Cannabis Procedures-Ordinance No. 185343 Regulation All licensee types
Cannabis Rules and Regulations -Ordinance No. 185344 Regulation All licensee types
Cannabis Location Restrictions Ordinance No. 185345 Regulation All licensee types
Department of Cannabis Regulation and Cannabis Regulation Commission Ordinance No. 185025 Regulation All licensee types
Cannabis Enforcement, Taxation, and Regulation Act Ordinance No. 184841 Regulation All licensee types
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